Metro Publisher offers two paths: Self-service or Custom Projects.
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If you'd like the personal touch or have a larger team, we offer custom launch packages. You'll be assigned a dedicated and seasoned Metro Publisher project manager to guide you and your team throughout the project. The result will be the launch of a site that you’ve always wanted – on time and on budget.

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Launch Project Details

Our custom launch package is a full-service 12 week process.

1. Project Management

As a new launch client, you will be assigned an experienced and dedicated project manager for the duration of the project. Following our carefully planned process with constant communication via our project management tool, the project manager will collaborate with you and your team to assign tasks, organize training, and generally keep things moving on track.

2. Data Import

At the same time, each client is also assigned a data specialist who's job it is to import your data from your old site into Metro Publisher. This is a critical part of the relaunch of any website regardless of what CMS you choose. Our job is to maintain the integrity of your old data, clean up cruft (and other aspects of your archived content that do not conform to current web standards), and map your old content to the new site structure in order to maintain SEO.

3. Content Strategy

Through discussions and active collaboration, our project manager will work with you to define site structure, content types, and SEO best practices. Decisions about content affect subsequent aspects of the launch project. While the project manager will provide suggestions about content strategy and SEO, the launch process is intended to establish guidelines the publisher will use to successfully manage their own website on an ongoing basis.

4. Site Structure

Following discussions about content and SEO strategy, a bulk of the launch process is consumed by actually implementing those decisions and ensuring that you and your team are familiar with the daily editing tasks of your new website. Through examples and training, the project manager will provide expertise and guidance to your team as you prepare for launch.

5. Visual Design

In coordination with strategic decisions about your content and analysis of competitors’ websites, a visual design for the new site will be presented by one of our designers. Following design review, iterations (if necessary), and sign-off, CSS will be implemented on your new site.

6. Training

Launch projects are designed to be collaborative. While we include some tuturials to help your team with important concepts, a large part of the training is done while actually setting up the new website. Throughout the project, you and your team will become familiar with Metro Publisher's features as you  prepare for your relaunch in a "hands-on" way. Decisions will be made and tasks will be assigned to relevant team members. The result will be that your team will be ready on day one of the site's relaunch.

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Client Gallery

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Our community of city, regional, and niche publishers is growing rapidly worldwide. From Berlin to Barcelona, Virginia to Vancouver, we highlight just a few great publishers using Metro Publisher to serve their community.

The Boca Raton Observer


"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate the thoughtfulness you show us as customers and how nice it is to partner with a company, and its people, who are always willing to look at ways to help us help ourselves."

St. Louis Magazine


"Thank you to your team for working with me all these years, even when I pass along some odd/very specicifc requests! :)

It's been a pleasure working with you all!"



"They always answer questions promptly and thoroughly, solicit input to improve their platform and constantly develop their product. Hard to ask for better customer support than this."

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