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To build quality search engine optimization (SEO), online publishers need a sound SEO strategy, constant vigilance, and the right tools for the job. Metro Publisher includes a range of features that deliver all of this.



How Does SEO Work?

Search engines aim to find relevant high-quality content to match up with keywords people use to find things on the web. To identify that content among billions of web pages, search engines use automated programs called robots (or spiders) to crawl the websites of the world. To make this process faster and more effective, they reward websites that make it easier to understand the content contained within.

So, at the most basic level, SEO is just the practice of providing information on what your content is about so it can be indexed and understood by search robots.

What Does This Mean for Publishers?

If you are a publisher, some of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy should already be in place – such as creating great content with important keywords that people search for, and having lots of inbound links to this content. However, there are some other key ways to make sure that this same content is understood and found by search bots.

This is where the tools provided by your content management system (CMS) come in. Metro Publisher includes several features that enhance your SEO strategy.


Important Tools for SEO

Here are some of Metro Publisher's essential tools for SEO.

Dynamic and Complete XML Sitemaps

To ensure that our clients’ content is always found and indexed, Metro Publisher automatically generates a dynamic sitemap.xml file. This is a basic technical requirement that serves as a detailed map of your website for search engines to follow.

Specialized Content Types

In addition to blog posts and articles, Metro Publisher includes a growing list of specialized content types (events, business listings, reviews, and more) that search engines love.

Embedded Micro-data

Our specialized content types include rich micro-data (event data, essential business information, and more) that enables search engines to really understand what your content is about and therefore deliver more relevant results.

Human-Readable and Customizable URLs

Along with the site structure, you can create web addresses (URLs) using keywords that people actually look for on search engines.

Customizable URLs and Meta Information for Content

For your content and images, you can optimize the web address (URL) as well as meta titles, meta descriptions and meta keywords.

Customizable Site Structure

As your SEO efforts evolve, you will gather new insights into the behaviors of your readers. With Metro Publisher you can organize and modify the structure of your site (sections and subsections), as well as your landing pages, around your SEO strategy.

Easy Encryption (SSL)

All Metro Publisher websites include an easy way to turn on encryption (SSL) – no hassle and no additional cost.

Powerful Redirect Tool

Metro Publisher includes a robust redirect tool that automatically creates 301 redirects. For new clients, this is important when transferring search rankings of existing content from an old website to the new one.

Google AMP Integration

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source initiative by Google which aims to make the web faster by providing an alternative distribution for your web pages on Google's own network. With Metro Publisher, we make it easy for you to participate with AMP.

Progressive Web App

Metro Publisher websites include an option to add a Progressive Web App. This feature is available to all clients. It can be turned on in seconds and is great for SEO. It's that easy!

Need More Info?

SEO can be difficult to grasp at first. It is a multifaceted yet critical part of your success as an online publisher. If this sounds like gobbledygook, contact us for a demo and we can help you understand how Metro Publisher can enable more successful SEO for your publication.



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