Specialized Content Types

With Metro Publisher you can choose from a toolbox of different types of specialized content designed for smoother work flows, deeper user engagement, and enhanced SEO.


What Are Specialized Content Types?



In Metro Publisher, Articles can be used for just about any story (or "blog" entry) that you want to publish. They contain all the important qualities that you need as a publisher (text, images, video, tags, social media widgets for sharing, etc.) as well as the important details "under-the-hood" for SEO.

Articles include:

  • Text
  • Media – images, videos, audio embeds, etc. 
  • Tags
  • Author(s) information
  • More...




To improve the SEO relevance of your content, we have an additional content type that we call a Review. Reviews differ from Articles, in that they contain location or product information about the topic of the Review. This content type is ideal if you’re writing about local businesses, neighborhoods, or anything that has a physical address. In Metro Publisher, Reviews contain specific tags called microdata that search engines love

Reviews include:

  • Text and media options like Articles
  • Microdata for more potent SEO
  • More...




Another powerful form of content for SEO is Metro Publisher’s Roundup. This content type allows your editors to gather up lists of Locations, Events, or other content. They are a great way to publish things such as "Best of" articles, a route map for a pub crawl or a list of restaurants taking part in a foodie event. They are easy to create, provide more opportunities to highlight your advertisers, and have solid SEO benefits.

Roundups include:

  • Ordered list of Locations, Events, or other Articles
  • Option to add category and full-text search filter bar
  • Custom links and HTML per location (good for adding reservation links and menus)
  • Embedded location micro data (excellent for SEO)




The format of an Event is similar to that of a Review (essentially an Article with a location attached) but it contains additional information about the time and date. In Metro Publisher, Events are automatically included in your Events Calendars. However, they are also flexible enough to be featured throughout your website as normal content.

Events include:

  • Text and media options like Articles
  • Microdata for more potent SEO
  • Automatically included in Event Calendars
  • Can be used with Custom Landing Pages
  • More...




Metro Publisher makes extensive use of maps and map based location searches that enable publishers to highlight local events and businesses. Though strictly speaking, Locations are not content, they make valuable connections between other content such as Reviews, Roundups, and Events making them more robust and increasing their SEO significance. For publishers who have the Business Directory add-on, locations may be upgraded to business listings.

Locations include:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s not forget SEO — Metro Publisher makes sure that the search optimization of your business directory is always at the cutting edge.

To keep your site ahead top of your competitors, our team continuously tracks changes and requirements in SEO, refining, optimizing and automatically delivering improvements to all of our clients with every new release of Metro Publisher.



Take a look at our videos to learn more about how you can use Metro Publisher's content types to maximize reader engagement.

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