Design Experience

With Metro Publisher, your website's design is more than just a matter of choosing a template. It is comprised of three major components – visual design, page layouts, and specialized content types.


1. Visual Design

The visual design refers to the elements of your site that gives it a specific "look and feel." Traditionally this is known as the "template" or "theme." Our Design Builder allows you to build the design yourself. 

Get Started by Choosing a Base Design

The Design Builder allows you to choose from a variety of base designs to get you started determining the look and feel of your website.


Personalize Your Design to Match Your Brand

Once you've selected a base design that gets you most of the way towards your dream site, use the Design Builder's editing tools to upload logos, set fonts, define the color palette, and configure various design elements and mobile behaviors.

NOTE: Pro clients have additional tools to further customize their sites with CSS and Javascript.


2. Landing Pages

A critical part of your website design is the organization of your landing pages. This defines how users discover and engage with your content.

Organize Your Landing Page Layouts

With Metro Publisher’s drag and drop landing page builder, your team can easily create customized landing pages to promote targeted content, engage your readers, and boost your SEO – no developer required.

Highlight sponsored stories. Create new advertising sections. Promote seasonal content. The possibilities are endless...

Here are a few examples:

To find out how custom landing pages work, read more.

3. Specialized Content Types

With your design set, the final piece for success is your content. Our toolbox of specialized content types are designed for smoother work flows, deeper user engagement, and enhanced SEO.



Articles can be used for just about any story that you want to publish. They contain all the qualities that you need as a publisher as well as the important details "under-the-hood" for SEO.




Reviews contain information about the topic of the Review – specific tags called microdata that search engines love. Reviews are ideal if you’re writing about local businesses, products, and more.




Roundups allow your editors to gather up lists of Locations, Events, or other content. They are easy to create, provide more opportunities to highlight your advertisers, and have important SEO benefits.




Events are the backbone of most city and regional magazines. In Metro Publisher, Events are are flexible enough to be featured throughout your website on calendars, sprockets, and landing pages.



Take a look at our videos to learn more about how you can use Metro Publisher's design tools to maximise engagement with your site.

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