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How Can You Use Shopify to Increase Your Revenue?

At Metro Publisher, we love giving our customers even more ways to grow. Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world – and now you can integrate it into your website as smoothly and easily as all our other fantastic features! Whether you already have a Shopify site, or want to add a store to your website to increase revenues or raise brand awareness, we make it easy for you to give your readers an optimal shopping experience.

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Quick and Easy Integration

Whether you already have a Shopify site or want to open a store on your website, we make it easy to integrate it into your website.

Easy to Manage

Update your Shopify site with product information - and it is automatically updated on your Metro Publisher website. It’s refreshingly simple!

Engage Customers with Tailored Shopify Sprockets

Add a Shopify sprocket to as many pages on your Metro Publisher website as you like. So you can adjust the products you’re offering to align with your website content. It’s a great way to show relevant content and keep customers engaged.

Turn Landing Pages into Sales Tools

Customize your entry pages, such as to articles, blogs, event pages or recipe pages, to feature your products and drive traffic to your Shopify site.

Increase Brand Awareness

Integrate your online Shopify store and you will be able to bring in revenue – and increase awareness of your brand.

Help When You Need It

We have made the integration process simple and easy – but, as always at Metro Publisher, you’ll get the best customer support from our team whenever you need it.

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