Recipe Finder

Build a recipe search tool to attract readers and customers – AND improve your site’s SEO!

How does it work?

By bringing together your recipe content, your readers can conveniently search recipes by ingredient, cuisine type, preparation time and more.

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We all know that recipes are a great way to draw traffic. So, if you already have recipes on your site or post them regularly for your food blog, make the most of this valuable content by bringing it together in our convenient recipe search tool. This handy feature lets readers find what they need easily, whether it’s a specific recipe or some culinary inspiration..

Add Value to Your Content

The recipe search tool is the perfect complement to Metro Publisher's specialized content types, making them even more useful to your readers. Why not link to recipes from a food-related article or event, for example? It’s just one of the ways you can keep readers happy and engagement high!

Enhance Your SEO

Our recipe search tool isn’t only useful for your site visitors: it’s also great for your website’s SEO. The tool uses the tags you apply to your recipes (for example, cuisine type or preparation time) to categorize your recipes using an industry-accepted system which search engines recognize and index, boosting your page’s visibility.

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