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With Metro Publisher’s drag and drop landing page builder, your team can easily create customized landing pages to promote targeted content, engage your readers, and boost your SEO — no developer required.

Highlight sponsored stories…Create new advertising sections…Promote seasonal content…
The possibilities are endless.

How Does It Work?

Create a new landing page in just a few easy steps.


1. Create a New Layout

Start with Metro Publisher’s section editor:

  • Create a new layout, or choose an existing layout as a “template” to start from.
  • Any layout can be re-used saving you time and maintaining consistency throughout your website.
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2. Organize Your Layout

Organize the grid layout of your page by dragging and dropping your containers into place.

  • If you’re creating a new layout, add containers then drag them into position.
  • If you’re starting from an existing layout, your containers are already set up. You can leave them as they are or make adjustments.
  • In both cases, just "drag and drop" to resize or reposition your containers as needed.
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3. Add Sprockets

Now, you can define what content will go in each container. To do this, you’ll use what we call “Sprockets.” These are responsive widgets that dynamically display content based on rules you define.

  • Choose from a variety of Sprocket layout options to best display your content, from carousel to list or gallery-style.
  • You can set each Sprocket so that the content selection is automatic, or choose to curate it yourself.
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4. Publish

When you’re ready, make your landing page live with just one click.

  • Publish immediately or schedule your page to appear live at a future date.
  • Unpublished pages are hidden from public view.
  • Use previews to test and share unpublished pages before going live.
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Client Samples

What can you do with Metro Publisher's landing page builder? Here are some examples from existing clients.

Time Saving Features

These special features will save your editors time and effort



Easy re-use of your page layouts as templates.



Use rules to automate content on your pages.



Set your pages to go live at a future date.


Take a look at our videos to learn more about how you can use Metro Publisher's landing pages to maximise engagement with your site.

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