Business Directory Add-on

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Give advertisers more exposure and increase your online revenue. The directory add-on is an essential addition to your Metro Publisher service. Packed with features your advertisers will love — there is no comparable business directory at this price level.

What's Included?

Metro Publisher’s business directory add-on is packed with easy-to-sell features that provide great revenue opportunities for your sales team to present to prospective clients.

Listing Pages

Give your sales team tools to succeed. Directory listing pages include several features to maximize performance:

  1. Social Media Widgets – Help your advertisers gain broader reach through social sharing.
  2. Video, Photos, Coupons, and Maps – Improve the effectiveness of advertisers' listings AND give your readers a more personal inside view with embedded video and photos. Include special deals from your advertisers exclusive to YOUR readers.
  3. Business Information – Include the advertiser’s essential contact information and link to their website.
  4. Mentions – List Reviews or Roundups where the advertiser has been mentioned.
  5. Events – Display upcoming events at the advertiser’s location.
  6. Social Media Feeds – With an embedded Facebook or Twitter feed, your advertisers can announce deals, promote events, or just keep the conversation with your readers going.
  7. Search Engine Optimized – With the implementation of industry standard formats like Microdata, we ensure that your advertisers' listings are always at the forefront of changes in SEO technology.



Search Pages

Directory search pages include several features to maximize utility and, importantly, SEO:

  1. Keyword Search –  Users can use keywords to find businesses. Search will scan businesses titles, addresses, and description fields.
  2. Search Filters – Filter search by category and tags.
  3. Maps – Allows your users to switch to map based search.
  4. Featured Listings – Configurable options to display featured businesses.
  5. Business Information – Displays business name, address, description, logo, plus links to coupons, events, and reviews.
  6. Search Engine Optimized – With the implementation of industry standard formats like Microdata, we ensure that your directory remains at the forefront of changes in SEO.

Additional Features

These features give you even more opportunities to promote your advertisers.

Special Styling for Sponsored Listings

Metro Publisher's Directory allows you to differentiate sponsored business listings from editorial content throughout your website with a single click. 

  • Use tags to designate sponsored content. 
  • Special styling whenever sponsored listings appear.
  • Pro users can customize the look, feel, and behavior of sponsored listings.


Custom Layouts

Create Custom Landing Pages

With our drag and drop page builder, your team can create customized landing pages. These are ideal for promoting business listings in a more targeted way. There is no limit to the number or style of landing pages you can create. Create custom landing pages to promote:

  • Directory listings 
  • Sponsored content
  • Advertiser events
  • More...

Maximize Exposure for Your Advertisers

The Metro Publisher-built business directory ensures there is no more effective place to advertise than your website. Why? Because by adding customized information advertisers can draw more attention to their products and services. In addition, with so many content options available for advertisers, search results go beyond the directory, increasing exposure across your whole website in a visual, intuitive, and effective way. These features will make you the go-to source for business advertising in your area or niche.

  • THE most cost effective directory
  • Deeper local relevance
  • Better inbound traffic
  • 100% local advertising that you control
  • No ad networks

Deep Integration with Metro Publisher

Because the business directory is deeply integrated within your Metro Publisher website, visitors will also encounter paid listings outside of the directory search in the context of reviews, events, local areas, neighborhoods, points of interests or, even, related businesses. Your advertisers will connect to your readers across the site with listings that feel like a reader service rather than a paid advertisement, making your site more relevant and raising conversion rates for advertisers.

  • Superior search experience
  • Deep integration with your Metro Publisher website
  • Easy and effective browse experience
  • Multiple ways to search, filter, and share
  • Combine with other Metro Publisher features, to effectively promote your advertisers.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s not forget SEO — Metro Publisher makes sure that the search optimization of your business directory is always at the cutting edge.

To keep your site ahead of your competitors, our team continuously tracks changes and requirements in SEO, refining, optimizing and automatically delivering improvements to all our clients with every new release of Metro Publisher.

One Click Away from Increased Profits

Simply put — there is no comparable directory at this price level.

The directory is an add-on to the Metro Publisher service with a low cost of just $100 (USD) per month. As with Metro Publisher, there are no sign-up fees or upfront development costs.

Turn It On and Start Selling

Can't wait to get started? Upgrade your account with the directory add-on and your sales staff can start selling today(1).

We’re here to help. Contact us for inside perspectives, best practices, or help evaluating whether our directory is the right service for you.

(1) The Metro Publisher business directory is not a stand alone product and can only be installed as an add-on to an existing Metro Publisher service plan.

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