Sponsored Content

Metro Publisher's sponsored content (native advertising) tools enable publishers to easily promote advertisers in an effective and elegant way.


How Does It Work?

Metro Publisher's Directory add-on includes several complementary features to manage sponsored content.


Special Styling for Sponsored Content

Differentiate sponsored content from editorial content throughout your website with a single click.

  • Use tags to designate sponsored content.
  • Special styling wherever that content appears.
  • Pro users can customize the look, feel, and behavior of the sponsored content.

Control the Placement of Your Sponsored Content

Ensure visibility for your advertisers by “pinning” their sponsored content within feeds of new stories, events, and news items. With this feature, your team controls the placement and position of sponsored content for the duration of your advertisers’ campaigns.

  • Ensure visibility by pinning sponsored content.
  • New entries flow around pinned content.
  • Control pinned content with just a few clicks. 


Custom Layouts

Create Custom Landing Pages

With our drag and drop page builder, your team can create customized landing pages. These are ideal for promoting specific sponsored content in a more targeted way. There is no limit to the number or style of landing pages you can create. Create custom landing pages to promote:

  • Sponsored content
  • Seasonal or holiday content
  • Festivals and local events
  • More...

Directory Add-on

Combine these tools with our Directory search pages to provide a complete and highly sellable package your sales team will love. From sponsored content to customized landing pages and business directories, your clients will enjoy high visibility across your site in ways that really engage your readers. The possibilities for promoting advertisers are endless—your only limit will be your team’s imagination...

  • Connect sponsored content to advertiser listings.
  • Feature advertiser listings on custom landing pages.
  • Create searchable dirtectories.
  • More...

directory sample


Take a look at our videos to learn more about how you can use Metro Publisher's sponsored content to maximize engagement with your site.

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