Mobile Ready

Looking to provide a compelling mobile experience with your content? With Metro Publisher, your web content can be enjoyed by your readers on any computer or mobile device – no app required.


It Just Works!

With Metro Publisher, your website is ready for mobile. All our themes are responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

Responsive design allows your site to fluidly adapt to any screen size without requiring your readers to download a mobile specific app. The result is a great experience for your readers on any mobile device including smartphones and tablets.

And, as mobile standards change, our system evolves. With each new release, your website will automatically keep apace – it just works!

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Additional Features

Here are some additional features to boost your Metro Publisher website's mobile performance.


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project is an open-source initiative by Google which aims to make the web faster by providing an alternative distribution for your website pages on Google's own network.

With Metro Publisher, we make it easy for you to participate in AMP. You simply check a box to "opt-in" to AMP and our system will generate an alternate set of HTML pages that comply with AMP's specifications.

This feature is available to all clients. For Pro clients, there are additional options to customized your AMP pages.


Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) allow websites to leverage modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users on mobile devices. As search engines look for PWAs on websites for mobile, turning on this feature will improve your SEO.

Metro Publisher websites now include an option to add a Progressive Web App. This feature is available to all clients. It can be turned on in seconds and is great for SEO. It's that easy!


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