The Big Picture

Packed with great features and at a price that no other CMS can beat, Metro Publisher is built to help media companies, regardless of their size, succeed online. Free yourself from the responsibilities and headaches of technology problems so you can focus on your core competencies of growing audience, increasing revenue and building your brand online.

Why Software as a Service?

Software as a Service cloud

Metro Publisher is Cloud Computing / Software as a Service (SaaS). Are you scratching your head and wondering what that means? Then let us explain.

If you've ever used something like Gmail or managed your bank account online, then you already have the experience of working with Software as a Service. Basically, any interactive site that lets you complete tasks beyond browsing is software as a service.

SaaS means you don't have to find programmers to build, retain IT staff to maintain, or manage any kind of server infrastructure for your website. You can immediately start benefitting from what technology has to offer without transforming into a technology expert.

The Future is Part of the Service

The Internet is constantly evolving with new platforms, technologies and devices becoming available each month, how can you hope to keep up?

Our research and design is focused on providing you a growing selection of add-ons and services that engage your readers. We work hard to deliver the tools you need to be recognized as a leader in your community or market.

For example, search engines expect more from publishers each day as they reward sites with higher visibility when they're built fast and to their specifications. You can rest easy knowing that the folks behind Metro Publisher have built cutting edge systems that serve millions of page views every hour, our sites are fast! We stay abreast of the latest SEO specifications to ensure high visibility for each of our clients.

Great Customer Support

As a client you have access to the Metro Publisher Community & Support portal where you can learn how to use new features to grow your audience and business online. You benefit from the collective wisdom of your peers and the experts at Metro Publisher by sharing your experiences and providing valuable feedback. This helps us continually deliver improvements and new features that count.

Because Metro Publisher is built especially for publishers and broadcaster we meet the unique needs of our clients in the way others can't.

Worried about your data?

Your data is always safe with 24/7 monitoring and daily back ups. Our systems experts keep your site out of reach for the even the most pernicious hackers.

Achieve your most important goals

One Low Monthly Fee

Predictable and dependable are attributes we deliver on the financial side too. With Metro Publisher there are no upfront costs and we work hard to deliver the lowest Total Cost of Operations (TCO) in the industry. With Metro Publisher your costs are under control.

No Hidden Risk

Unlike working with a company to customize existing software (regardless of whether it is proprietary or open source), taking months of work to draw up requirements, writing code, testing, possible misunderstandings with the developers, the risk of cost overruns and disappointments — as a Metro Publisher client you will be able to review the system before signing on as a client. Our minimum contract is only 1 month — so we have to work hard to keep your business.

Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier

Metro Publisher integrates with leading industry software to help you sell your online advertising space. We are proud to offer the best integration of any Content Management System (CMS) with DoubleClick for Publishers™ (DFP) and are committed to making Metro Publisher work well with a variety of systems that can generate new revenue for our clients (not just through advertising). Become a Metro Publisher client and you will gain a partner actively looking for and introducing you to new online revenue opportunities.

Create Once, Use Many Times

As publishers are acutely aware, the growth of the web and the continual evolution of mobile have put great stress on the traditional means of distributing content. Today, you not only have to produce a regular print edition, you also should be able to port your content into a variety of formats and services. From the web to mobile devices and even syndication — rest assured that your data is being stored in clean, reuseable XML.