Custom Event Landing Page

Country Roads Sample

Country Roads Magazine

Here is a example of a custom landing page created with Metro Publisher's drag and drop page layout tools. This is the landing page that the user goes to from the "Events" button in the main navigation. Once there, the user sees various sponsored or promoted events with links to the full event search. 

  1. At the top of the page, above the fold, Country Roads editors have placed a carousel sprocket with large images to visually promote certain key events.
  2. Still above the fold and to the right, they include a list of other promoted events.
  3. Using a full-width container and some custom HTML, they created a search button with a pull-down that takes the user dircetly to the event calendar.
  4. The event calendar page is set up with the an interactive map, calendar, keyword search tool, and category filter tool. Users can search events by keyword, date, area, or tags.

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