The Right Tools for the Job

Metro Publisher's built-in features enable media companies to be well informed and in complete control while providing great reader services. With the right set of tools, you will engage your readers and your advertisers!

Great Tools

Metro Publisher comes with a suite of tools to help any media company, regardless of its size, build a credible website and online business. With a Metro Publisher powered site you can both grow your audience and revenue online!

Business Intelligence

Simple integration with Google Analytics™ & Quantcast™ will keep you on top of the numbers.

Control Your Ad Sales

Maintain complete control of your advertising products and sales with Google's Doubleclick for Publishers.

Great Customer Support

Learn new features, share thoughts and talk to other publishers with our community support portal.

3rd Party Integration

One-click integration with a variety of third party services like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Fast Time to Market

Test ideas, evolve your website and measure audience response instantly and without delay.

No Nerds

Create and edit your content anywhere, anytime – no web developers required.

Great Experience for Your Audience

Go beyond blogging. Provide new ways for your audience to discover your content. Metro Publisher can remix and deliver content by your audiences interests in topics and places.

Articles, Reviews, and Blogs

In addition to articles, extend your timeliness and relevance online with blogs and reviews.


Quickly and easily add videos to compliment your printed editions with dynamic web-only content.


Build on your stories and increase page impressions with attractive slideshows your readers can browse.

Location Maps and Directory

Put your advertisers and local vendors on the map with our Location Searches and Directory Add-on.


Promote local events with map-based event searches. Your readers will love it!

Tags and Topics Pages

Let your readers discover new content and easily browse through your site by the topics that interest them.

User Commenting

Engage your audience by giving your readers a voice.